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The doctors who consult at GSMC offer a suite of traditional general practice services.   Services include (please note these pictures don't link through to another page):

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Repeats - Prescriptions and Referrals

Repeat scripts and referrals are a very important part of your healthcare. These require an appointment with a doctor, or if appropriate can be ordered via HotDoc. 

Repeats are more than "just prescription" or "just a referral". They require work to be done and on-going responsibility to be assumed.  The doctor has to open your file, review your history and make a decision on each request before writing a script or referral. The doctor also has on-going medico-legal responsibility for each script or referral written. The practice has invested in secure IT infrastructure to create, store and communicate the results of each request. Admin staff spend time communicating with doctors and patients to ensure the repeats are fulfilled in a timely and secure manner. 

HotDoc Repeats is a convenient service that offers patients the option to request repeat prescriptions for regular medications or referrals for regularly attended Specialist appointments. Please view the request page for current pricing. HotDoc Repeats is a privately billed service and there is no Medicare rebate available, even if you are normally bulk billed at our practice.

HotDoc How To
- Select the button with the relevant option at the top of our booking page HotDoc Booking Page Bookings | Standard Consultation & Longer Appointments | GSMC (gladstonestreet.com.au).This will take you to a new page to begin your request. Click Let’s Get Started.
- Once you’ve agreed to the terms and conditions, you can choose your preferred delivery method.
- If you choose the eScript option, your prescription will be sent to your mobile or email address stored at the clinic depending on the delivery method you choose.
- You can then select your doctor and whether this request is for yourself or someone else. You then need to select if you are a new or existing patient.
- Next, you will enter your details.
- You do not need a HotDoc account to request a repeat prescription or referral.
- If you’re ordering a prescription, enter the details as shown on your prescription box/bottle and add any additional notes for your doctor. If you’re ordering a referral, enter the specialist’s details.You then need to confirm that your details are correct and proceed to the payment portal.
- To complete your order, click the PayOnce you’ve completed your payment, your request will be sent to the clinic to be reviewed.
- You will receive an email to let you know the request has been received.You will receive an additional email once your request has been approved or declined by the clinic.
- The email will slightly differ depending on the delivery method or the repeat option.
- If a doctor rejects your request, you will receive a refund and we will contact you to discuss other options (e.g., booking appointment to see a doctor).

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